N_O_W_H_E_R_E Imaging the Global City – Frank van der Salm

N_O_W_H_E_R_E is am upcoming exhibition and book currently under development with Paradox.

Frank van der Salm’s work from the past three decades is a statement about an urbanized world that seems to be modelled after the images that result from it in photography, video, movies, games, news and entertainment. It results in a strong dystopian feeling; factual, sociological or topographical references are rare. In Van der Salm’s universe, buildings and urban areas are part of one global, imaginary city.

There are no people to be found in his images. They are hidden behind the façades of this imaginary place with no fixed dimensions. A place of timeless, almost antiseptic beauty. Its occupants remain anonymous, they seem to have been cut out of the picture, playing a role behind the scenes of this ruthless urban environment, if at all.

The installation developed separates the venue in two equal spaces. One part shows – in a weekly rotating schedule – a choice of original Van der Salm works under ultimate white-cube conditions. It emphasizes the physical nature of these works; their size, their surface. The arrangements will be made by a (human) curator.

The other part feels like an open urban space, with a 20-25m long wall at its far end, showing a continuously changing projection of images by Van der Salm, while not taking their original size into account. Here the images are combined
and recombined, cropped and blown up, based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, developed by AI researchers from the University of Amsterdam. Here, the computer will act as the tireless curator interpreting the oeuvre of Frank van der Salm.

Launch: Nederlands Fotomuseum, January 2020.


[Frank van der Salm: Panorama 2004]


[Frank van der Salm: Reservoir 2005]