Where Will We Go – Kadir Van Lohuizen – Jakarta

Exhibition design: Jeroen de Vries / Production: VEX

I was responsible for the traveling exhibition to the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta.

Exhibition WHERE WILL WE GO ? The human consequences of the rising sea level. A significant sea level rise is one of the major anticipated con sequences of climate change. This will cause some low-lying coastal areas to become completely submerged, while others will increasingly face short-lived high-water levels. These anticipated changes could have a major impact on the lives of coastal populations. The small island developing states (SIDS) will be especially vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise, and to changes in marine ecosystems, because of their major dependence on marine resources.

For the past two years the photo journalist Kadir van Lohuizen, with the support of Displacement Solutions, has been looking at the global consequences of rising sea levels caused by climate change and traveled to Bang ladesh, Fiji, Kiribati, Panama (Guna Yala islands), Papua New Guinea (the Cartaret atoll), the United Kingdom and the USA. The exhibition is designed to highlight both the immense complexities associated with internal and cross-border human displacement, as well as the specific human rights implications involved with such involuntary population movements. The material contains multimedia components, including stills, video, text and audio.