AR SCAPE not mine, or is it

Query reaction to the present or visions for the future on a public space.

“I never imagined that it would happen. I mean to see it there, and walk through it for the first time – wow. And it was just a stupid edu thing and I was high btw – not that it matters. But still, of course there’s a special connection. “

Model it and make it public ally available as AR/VR.

“Anyways, it is there in the Open, and I find it funny to try detecting who is actually on it. The other day I found that it had been copied to somewhere else – of course – always nice.”

Stir and let it mix with other realities.

“Had to try – wasn’t the same at all. I was there and everything was fine, and intense – I give you that – but was less real of sorts. “
“What I like about it is how it reacts – its almost playful if you pay attention – but then sometimes its not. Have to be lucky I guess.”

Serve it on social media, public mapping platforms “as real”.

“Its also possible that someone changed it, but what exactly? I don’t really know, not that I care. “

Rambla Raval 2025,Tiago Rosado, MEATS 19-20