II graduated and worked in Portugal as an architect. Here’s some of my work.





Ginkgo is located in a narrow strip of terrain, in a tourist area near a famous Portuguese beach. I took advantage of the site constraints and increased the open areas as much as possible. A Bridge building company produced the prefabricated structure. 3 volumes almost identical in area divide work, services and public space.

Ginkgo is featured at ArchDailly, Eyecandy
, Contemporist, as well in a few print publications such as FRAME.

Built: 2008



We reinterpreted some features of traditional southern Portuguese architecture such as the usage of simple materials, clear geometry, and constant relationships between public and private, opaque and transparent. The program was divided in three levels: a underground garage with games room and patio on the first level, main living-room, kitchen, and office on the ground level, and bedroom on the top.

Location: Algarve, Portugal
Construction A rea: 269m2
Built in 2010
Project developed in collaboration with the Arq. Vitor Lourenço




At the studio where I worked (Vitor Lourenço) we developed a line of urban furniture that used almost exclusively natural materials locally sourced – which resulted in a natural integration with the environment and local urban planning.

I was responsible for some of the designs and the overseeing the production line at a local quarry.

I like finding ways to share ideas. Let’s discuss it. 

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I am an exhibition designer focused on spacial narratives for clients on the cultural and private sector. Most of my late work has been producing exhibitions for museums in the Netherlands. Before that I had a company producing media content for startups helping them to share their stories through short movies. My journey started by working as an architect in Portugal. I am now based in Barcelona and as always – looking to collaborate on exciting projects!