CO OP GO is a turn based card game for people interested in participating in cooperative housing. It was developed within a workshop with Lacol, an architectural firm specialized in cooperative housing. 

The aim is to find which type of shared spaces are more important to the players – achieved by trying to keep them running as long as possible. Players have finite resources to invest in the spaces and have to deal with unforeseen circunstances. To improve their odds they can choose to combine spaces (thus reducing costs), partner with other players, or transform the activity into a business.

By playing users get to know each other, discover shared interests or find out that their own ideas make a lot of (or not really) sense to the community. The Karma cards are a way to generate entropy and deal with unforeseen circumstances as players lifes in the game can take unexpected turns and the community will have to adapt.


Game Content

  • Community space cards (includes white cards to write)
  • Karma cards (with super power cards)
  • Tokens

How it works?

Step 1. The game starts with all shared community spaces placed on the table. Each player receives a fixed number of tokens(1-3 acording to the desired dificulty) and a super power card. Tokens are used to express the amount of interest in a space and cover the maintenance cost of the cards. If at the end of the round the space does not have enough tokens, it is discarded. Discarded spaces are placed in separated columns (one per round) to have a record of space usage.

Step 2. Every round starts with receiving a karma card and (1-3) tokens. Players read out their Karma and are free to invest in any spaces or bring new ones to the table. Every player should wait for their round to play!

Step 3. A round ends by removing the Shared community space cards with no tokens or less tkens that the stated cost.

The super power card allows 2 spaces to to be combined. thus reducing its maintenance cost to the one of the highest card.

At any moment spaces can be opened to the public and transformed into a business. In this case the card received a karma card per round. If it is positive news it the space gets a token extra, if it is negative it loses a token.