We were asked to make a public design proposal for a social inclusion association in Barcelona. 

Space Invaders is protocol to critically address real situations in the digital space via transgressive usage of Augment Reality in specific urban spaces. The protocol starts with addressing emotional relations users have with physical space ain roder to decide where to act, followed by a game strategy that generates unforeseen combinations of actions with perspectives over interests. We believe that these are relevant tools to strenghten processes of self-wareness, critical positioning towards the environment, and self validation of the invidual as a relevant participant in social contexts.




Generate a new transgressive digital space that relates with physical territory by fostering critical thinking via population of new objects and conditions that re!ect personal stances over the environment.

Blur perceived boundaries of body, social grouping and prejudice, age and gender through generating an articulated experience of digital gestures that reinforce identity and provide individual empowerment.

Developed with Jad Karam and Elena Caubet for the Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces, Barcelona