TALES FROM THE LOOP genius loci meets global consciousness

Stories derive from floating moments in time and individual interpretations. As memory fails the spirit of the place change.

“I feel that I get it – but cant really pinpoint why. Oddly familiar, seems like what happened to.. No.”
Collect stories, real or imaginary.

Make Interview marathons. Anonymity.

“But then I went back, I mean from work this time – so heading south – and walked through it was different. Here I understood what I was seeing – I think – but it was like from someone else’s perspective a younger one. “

Space generated from self referential micro narratives, and relate to “space” through a different lens.

I was asked to participate – and there I was telling a story of how I got robbed once, there on this same square, and later found out that the person who did it was close to a friend – what a mess that was. When I got it back much later I noticed that it had a different glass. Maybe he never thought it worth much but got it repaired to keep using it I guess. Anyways, It was my father’s. I saw the entire thing as a compliment. No hard feelings as objects have their own lives.

Funny thing though, saw a similar story there. It hits harder to ignore when its so close. Or was that me?

Spacial-syntax meets hybrid reality. Familiarity.

Next day I went back, I had to. It was different already. There was a play about a watch – also automatic as mine, curious – that got broken on a strange accident. But thats how she met a neighbor, that musician.

New personal narrative produced via walking.

And as I passed by someone was playing Nil Frahms Toilet Brushes – live! There, on the square, with a big fat piano.

Tiago Rosado, MEATS 19-20