I am integrating VR into my workflow. The aim is to allow clients or teams to explore the the latest design or several solutions.




Bitter VR

This is the proof of concept made for Bitter. Produced with Unreal Engine. This particular versions was the latest for the Exhibition at Tropenmuseum. The user can explore the proposal by itself. It contains all the exhibition elements including a running video. It runs in Both Apple and Windows as a self contained file. The user can navigate using the mouse and keys: A,W,D,E, Esc (to exit).

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Contact: Tiago Rosado + 31 653 719946   Linkedin

I am an exhibition designer focused on spacial narratives for clients on the cultural and private sector. Most of my late work has been producing exhibitions for museums in the Netherlands. Before that I had a company producing media content for startups helping them to share their stories through short movies. My journey started by working as an architect in Portugal. I am now based in Barcelona and as always – looking to collaborate on exciting projects!