ZENTROPY ground zero of digital wellbeing

  • Find street flows, physical (related to movement) or digital (places where people take a lot of photos for example)
  • Block radio signals with Faraday cages or radio jammers.
  • Anything physical gets enhanced, attention span increases. Resulting radio silence provides a stage for unexpected encounters.
  • This new “stage” can be used for designed encounters: Ex. When X meets Y

365days project: 1-3 radio jammers (10-50mts radius) x 2 groups working together for each jammer provide, build, hack a 24h situation using printed media for example.

[Animation still via Sebastian Sadowski, web-based generative application- visualizing blocked radio waves]

As tech wearables become smarter, stronger digital mediation layers form between user and surroundings.

“Crossing the square became a surprise every day. I guess I’m not used to obstacles forcing me to detour or confront something anymore. “

Gradually experiences are validated via digital aids. It is cheaper to advertise digitally than using printed media.

“All my wearables went off-line – it seems I was in a Faraday cage of sorts. To see, and hear, even for a bit only what is there.. “

As AR/digital medium is now heavily saturated. Users pay a premium for visual and auditory silence.

“Birds, I could hear birds – not specially find of them (I think). Without noise canceling there’s a lot of surprises. Also, tree leafs attracted me maybe due to green? Its kind of nice and odd, without an interpretation layer. And I met people – funny – randomly I mean – still unclear if it all was an act of sorts. “

Same goes for meeting people – random encounters are unheard Anything physical gets enhanced, attention span increases.

“Loosing signal was intentional, and the objects messing with my directions are connected – no, I’m not crazy, I think, I asked it, at least twice: my patterns are inconclusive and I couldn’t be located for a while – I’m here, I think, don’t worry, probably.”

The resulting radio silence provides a stage for unexpected encounters.

“I had zero logs inside the Faraday, followed stories, got myself dressing strange clothes (not unusual) interacted with people in what I think, and I hope, was just a play. OK, what just happened?”

Rambla del Raval, 2025
Tiago Rosado, MEATS 19-20