Immersive installations that tell a story​

Successful projects result from many talents working together. I am fortunate to have worked and learned with incredible people in the design and production of several travelling exhibitions for Canada, Spain, Greece, Holland, Honduras, Guatemala and Indonesia. Some of my work as been at Barcelona Light Festival, Stedelijk Contemporary Art museum and National Photography Museum, both in The Netherlands. I am open for collaborations, and now exploring AR, interactivity and AI.


Frank van der Salm has been documenting a neutral urbanized world for the past 25 years. The result is NOWHERE – an exhibition partially curated by artificial intelligence about the anonymity, neutrality and the role of images in public space. The exhibition is divided between an AI curated area and a cell-like space where all physical works reside.
 I am responsible for the spacial design the AI curation concept: the model is trained by the artist to analyse his work and organize it according to an endless combination of points of interest. National Museum of Photography, Rotterdam, Video wall: RNDR. Production: Paradox 2018-2022.



Beautiful Failures (work in progress) is a story of construction-destruction-construction to reflect on the rich history of the Mies van der Rohe German Pavilion of Barcelona 1929 International Exhibition. At the same time, it considers current events that transcend material culture and question our memory and ethics. While many architectural utopias are framed in glass’s hypnotic qualities, many dystopias have been devised based on its contradictions. Glass failures and sound recordings were collected from an glass studio to form the basis of a musical narrative on the life cycle of glass. A music score was generated with channels exploring glass attributes. An highlight moment per channel was then marked and overlapped into the pavilion planimetric representation with each floor tile functioning as a sound container.

The music score became a mediation device allowing information exchange between music, glass and exhibition space. The highlighted markers in the music composition now signal specific intervention opportunities on the architectural space.

Production: MEATS, 2020-2021. Mies van der Rohe pavilion Barcelona.



Like light from thousands of fiber optics we are all equal and indistinguishable from one another, connected to a digital soul. This is a 20meter long light installation Installation for the Barcelona LLUM Festival. It was an overnight success with 1h+ waiting queues and estimate a total of 10k visitors over 2 nights. Production: MEATS, Barcelona 2020





BITTER – Chocolate Stories is a traveling exhibition addressing the complexities of the chocolate industry through child workers experiences while working in cocoa fields and words from theadvertisement industry. Visitors are invited to explore the subject in a non-linear way. I was responsible for the spacial design and production. The exhibition is highly modular and can split to simultaneous locations. Joana Choumali (photography), Marijn Heemskerk (journalist) Production: Paradox for Tony’s Chocolonely. 2017-2020. Exhibition at Beurs van Berlage, Tropenmuseum and Tony’s Store in Amsterdam, Tropenmuseum at Berg en Dal, Chocolate Museum at Cologne.


WELKOM Today addresses how the city of Welkom (South Africa) has transformed from the post apartheid until now, from the perspectives of both an outsider and a local photographers. Together made workshops at local schools, inviting other perspectives on the subject – which produced a large whatsapp group conversation between teachers and students. I designed the video wall containing the photo exchange and comments resulting from it. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Ad van Denderen, Lebohang Tlali (photographers), Margalith Kleijwegt (journalist) Production: Paradox 2019.


Studio Aleppo is a traveling project where photographers are invited to portray local citizens regardless of background or nationality. Images are produced, printed and framed on site with the gallery open to public. I designed a unique hanging/ mount system for large format unframed prints with fixing points solely on the top of the structure – as it was not possible to use the walls on this historic building. The result is a economic reusable modular system, almost invisible. that allows images to float. Kos Breukel, Issa Touma (photographers). Production: Paradox 2016-2019.


Tree Planters is a project dealing with the Canadian logging industry and its forests. Rita Leistner documented for several years the people from the industry, and crescent lack of biodiversity on the reforestation programs. For one of the rooms I proposed an immersive video experience where some of the artist work would be split into multiple surfaces together with sound recording of workers statements mixed with the forest.


Borders Kill was shown at Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.

The presentation, which is part of the Athens Photo Festival, consisted of an audiovisual installation and a live Twitter feed based on Nikos Pilos photojournalistic work. The Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra played ‘A Concert for the Refugees’ at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The proceeds of the benefit concert went go to the improvement of the refugee living conditions in Greece. I worked on the video installations. The museum version is composed by interviews and statements interwined with Nikos Pilos work. Production: Paradox 2016



The car once was a symbol of freedom. Auto makers still want us to believe in that dream. In reality we are addicted to systems that have locked us out completely. The first African car made from scratch is part of the group show AutoPhoto at Fondation Cartier (Paris), an exhibition dedicated to photography’s relationship to the automobile. The story of the Turtle is translated to a dense presentation, including photos of the shopmakers and videos of the challenging construction. I worked on the wall layouts and video components. Melle Smets, Joost van Onna / at Fondation Cartier, Paris. Production: Paradox

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