Exhibition + Interior Design

Hi! I’m Tiago, a freelance interior and exhibition designer. I develop concepts together with creative directors and generate production documents and 3D visuals. More updates here @tiagorosado and @everywherespace

I speak Portuguese, English and Spanish [Dutch in progress], but also Vray, Sketchup, Cinema 4D, Unreal, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autocad. 

Work[ed] with

Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Maarten Spruyt

Troppenmuseum Amsterdam

FOMU Antwerp

Herasmus Huis, Jakarta

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Troppenmuseum Berg en Dal

Tony’s Chocolonely Store

Jardins Efemeros, Festival

Mies van der Rhoe Foundation

Kummer & Herrman

Naarden Photo Festival

Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam


Netherlands Photo Museum

RNDR Studio

Light Festival Barcelona

Melkweg, Amsterdam

Konstcentrum Gavle

National Museum Tegucigalpa

CCG Guatemala

now [in development]


With Maarten Spruyt, making the new exhibition for the Kunstmuseum den Haag, Set 2022.

Het Arsenaal

With RNDR Studio developing an interactive storytelling experience at the Arsenaal building in Doesburg focused on its citizens and personal memories. 

A Pitch

With Northernight, developing a pitch for two museums in India.

NFT Fashion

An upcoming project exploring new design possibilities in digital fashion. 

CAPITAL KITCHEN > Restaurant restyling

Weesperplein, Amsterdam. With Maarten Spruyt we developed the interior for this restaurant and art gallery. Usual functions mix here with art works.


I contributed to the creative/curatorial process with emphasis on the bar/sculpture and designed the furniture, produced by Lensvelt. All tables have prints of human body parts magnified 100x. I collected them, worked on the patterns and color grading.

ONE GALLERY > exhibition design

One gallery is a metaverse project I am currently working on. The idea is to have an architectural space that hosts a single NFT but this would change fairly fast.


As metaverse topography is essentially flat I propose a hill, shinny and hollow where other social activities and parties could take place.

In such new environments makes little sense to copy traditional architecture principles > exciting times ahead.

NOWHERE > exhibition design

NOWHERE is an exhibition on Frank van der Salm work as a documentary photographer focused on generic cities at Netherlands Fotomuseum in 2021. Cities can be anonymous neutral and artificial environments, often defying human logic. For the exhibition an AI acts as a curator, presenting relationships between images taken by Frank van der Salm, trained on the concepts relevant in his work.

2021 Nederlands Fotomuseum, Digital Media and AI RNDR, Exhibition Design: Tiago Rosado. Sound Design Henry Vega. Book Design Irma Boom


We divided the 1000sqm into two areas: the 18x3m video wall provides a relational quality between works and concepts, and a second space provides focus to the individual works.

To contain images about mass production and ultra-neutral urban spaces the floorplan obeys a strict machine-like logic.

On the back of the wall a grid of 3x3m structures wall panels – all recycled from the museum warehouse – support the artists collection with nothing on the back. Periodically works are replaced from an archive also present. Breaking with traditional narrative models the spatial logic mimics generic architectural layouts. It is raw. The circulation layout is also employed as a floor grid.

MINNIE HOUSE > exhibition design

Metaverse architecture is all about experiences. I find tradicional house formats truly boring there. This is a house I designed for a fan, clearly iconic, but also playful.

There are no private spaces in the classic sense of the word, neither doors: one needs to discover the way in.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium > circulation and program

Kummer &Herrman asked me to help in rethinking the ground floor of MSK. I suggested starting with two weeks interviewing museum professionals from security to curators. Then distilled all the inputs into a program, later developed together.


First visitor contact would be through a temporary public installations area that would managed by young guest curators, and a open retail space hosting design pieces.

Client: Kummer & Herrman / Door / KMSKB. Role: Research, Spacial design

ANIMA > exhibition design

Like light from thousands of fiber optics we are all equal and indistinguishable from one another, connected to a digital soul.


This is a collective project: we designed and built it as a team of 10 people. A 20meter long light installation Installation for the Barcelona LLUM Festival. It was an overnight success with 1h+ waiting queues and estimate a total of 10k visitors over 2 nights. MEATS, Barcelona 2020

The experience of walking through the narrow corridor would take up to 15mn with entrances coordinated for a better visitor flow.

As a group developing a creative project together we went through a fast forward genetic approach of constantly recombining creative solutions. Upon each sequence the same time the team would start dividing and specializing in solving practical problems. This outdoor installation was prefabricated by us and installed in one day.

TREE PLANTERS > exhibition design

Tree Planters is a project dealing with the Canadian logging industry and its forests. Rita Leistner documented for several years the people from the industry, and crescent lack of biodiversity on the reforestation programs.


For one of the rooms I proposed an immersive video experience where some of the artist work would be split into multiple surfaces together with sound recording of workers statements mixed with the forest providing an immersive collective experience.

BITTER CHOCOLATE STORIES > exhibition design

Child labour is a desensitized topic partially due to the usage of strong images by the media. We presented kids stories that worked on cocoa plantations without visually explicit content. The result is a quiet, intimate experience. Quotes were placed with portraits taken in Burkina Faso contrasting with messages used by the advertisement industry and background information regarding the chocolate market.


Accompanying the portraits there is a projection with aerial footage of villages and the sound of their interviews in the original language. Outside of the exhibition floor space there was also a presence at Tony’s retail space. BITTER Chocolate Stories, at Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam. Portrait sets on lightboxes, video projection with an open sound, Photography: Joana Choumali. Launch 2017.

WELCOM TODAY > exhibition design

WELKOM Today addresses how the city of Welkom (South Africa) has transformed from the post apartheid until now, from the perspectives of both an outsider and a local photographer.


Together, they documented and made workshops at local schools. I designed the full exhibition and produced a large whatsapp group conversation between them and their students.

Ad van Denderen, Lebohang Tlali (photographers), Margalith Kleijwegt (journalist) Role: Exhibition Designer

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

GINKGO > architect

Ginkgo is a bar featured in ArchDailly, Judit Bellostes, Eyecandy Contemporist, and also is some publications, among them FRAME magazine, a FRAME Book, and other bar related editions


WELKOM Today addresses how the city of Welkom (South Africa) has transformed from the post apartheid until now, from the perspectives of both an outsider and a local photographer.

TOTENS > architect

At a urban plot that allowed high density residential housing we proposed a combination with comercial spaces and natural spaces with local vegetation. 


With the architect Vitor Lourenço

DS House > architect

The client wanted a one bedroom house with plenty open spaces but also privacy.


I was in charge of the entire project including detailing. With arq. Vitor Lourenço.

I regularly move between Amsterdam, Lisbon and Barcelona. Feel free to connect via Linkedin or Instagram